When I arrived in Sausalito I was in awe of the natural beauty surrounding me. I was invited by VARDA residency to come and live on the SS Vallejo houseboat, which used to be a meeting place for artists and intellectuals. During my stay I visited museums and several ot...


Last year I received an invitation from Varda residency to apply for a spot. It seems this residency only accepts artists on invitation. What intrigued me was the residency takes place on an old famous houseboat called SS Vallejo on which many famous artists, authors,...


I went for my third residency to MAWA in Winnipeg, Canada in June 2018. I applied for this residency through an open call. MAWA offers a private apartment free of cost to the invited artists. I was 1 of the lucky 4 female artists to be selected out of 54 applicants fro...


 This piece was inspired by a visit to a Japanese salt factory.


During my residency in Japan I wanted to work on a project influenced by the places I visited there. I do embroidery on images printed on canvas but this time I wanted to combine my embroidery with painting. I packed 5 small canvases, painting and embroidery materials....


Last year I went for an artist residency Studio Kura in Japan. If any one is looking for a quiet residency at the sea then this is the place for you. I fell in love with Japan and will be returning for a 2 week holiday in July this year. I lived in an authentic Japanes...


I have been very late with updating my blog but have been very busy. Would like to add some images of my residency in Mexico last year. I started seven pieces in total and continued working on them after leaving the residency. I had taken photographs of walls and doors...


Got very inspired in Oaxaca, Mexico. Played around with beautiful colours on top of my inkjet on cloth.





At last arrived in Oaxaca after a 7 hours bus trip from Mexico City. Check out my room where I will be staying for the coming 3 weeks.





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