2020    Textiel Plus, The Netherlands 

2019     Take on Art magazine, India

2019     Karachi Biennale 2017 catalogue

2018     Numinious magazine, Philadelphia

              Embroidery magazine, UK

2017  Exploring home and bloodlines,

              Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times, Seattle, US

              The tie that binds, Lisa Edge, Real Change newspaper,

              Seattle, US

              Nusrat Khawaja, On the murder trail, News line

              magazine Nimra Khan, Murder as art form,

              Art now Pakistan, online art magazine

              Jovita Alvares, Art now Pakistan, online art magazine

              Nageen Shaikh, Youlin magazine, online

              Unsolved mystery: unraveling a crime scene,

              The Express Tribune

2016     Numair Abassi, Herald (Dawn)

              U-Turn exhibition catalogue, Sanat Gallery

              Peerzada Salman, U-Turn opens at Sanat, Dawn News

              The first 50, publication by Sanat Gallery

2015     Faryal Ahsan, Art now Pakistan, online art magazine

2014     Ismail Umair, Youlinmagazine, Islamabad

              Artworks depict diverse thoughts,

              The Express Tribune Islamabad

              Solitary existence captured in art,  Syeda Sherbano

              Kazim, Dawn News Islamabad

              Diverse merger of contemporary creative aura,

              The News Islamabad

              Schezee Zaidi, The News Islamabad

              Maryam Usman, The Express Tribune Islamabad

              Dawn news Islamabad

              Shireen Ikramullah, Nukta Art Magazine

              Volume 9 - 1, pg. 37

              Nigaah Art Magazine Volume 1 - 37, pg. 3

2013     Ahtesham Azhar, News of Cocooned Dreams and Drones,

              Daily Times

              Peerzada Salman, Connecting the Dots, Dawn News

              Nigaah Art Magazine Volume 1 - 29, Connections, pg. 56

              Important World Artists Volume 1, Publisher World

              Wide Art Books

2009     Fawad Ali Shah, Colouring a Woman’s World,

              Dialy Times

              Anwer Mooraj, Changing World, Dawn News Gallery

2011      Veera Rustomji, Mag Weekly

               International Masters of Contemporary Art Volume 5,

               Publisher World Wide Art Books

2010      Marjorie Husain, She Magazine

               Anwer Mooraj, Art Fiend, Dawn News

2008     Mohammad Jami, Daily News

2006     Auj Khan, Home is where the art is, Newsline

               Marjorie Husain, She Magazine

               Asif Noorani, The Nation

2002     Mosin F. Jaffri, Dawn News

               Het Kanton

2001      Salwat Ali, The News

               Shamim Akhtar, Daily News