MAWA residency in Canada 2018

I went for my third residency to MAWA in Winnipeg, Canada in June 2018. I applied for this residency through an open call. MAWA offers a private apartment free of cost to the invited artists. I was 1 of the lucky 4 female artists to be selected out of 54 applicants from 14 countries. This was my first residency living on my own without any other fellow artists around me. I did miss the social contact that I had during my other residencies because I am a social person but then again I can also be happy when I am on my own. I had a MAWA ambassador appointed to me during my stay there. Ingrid volunteered to take me around Winnipeg and introduce me to other artists. I think that was one of the things I enjoyed most during my 1 month stay in Winnipeg. I got the opportunity to go and visit artists in their studios and I made short videos of them talking about their art. When I go for a residency I want my work to be inspired by the surrounding I am in. I need to get inspired by what I see so what I do is I start taking pictures. The second day during my residency I remember it was a Sunday, I went out and just started walking around with my DSLR. I took pictures of anything interesting I saw on the way. As I was in the city it was difficult for me to get inspired as I am more a nature person.

When I looked up to the sky I saw how beautiful the buildings were against the bright blue sky and this is where I found my inspiration. Here are some pictures I took that day and this is how my work started in Winnipeg.