Exploring new materials

When I arrived in Sausalito I was in awe of the natural beauty surrounding me. I was invited by VARDA residency to come and live on the SS Vallejo houseboat, which used to be a meeting place for artists and intellectuals. During my stay I visited museums and several other places in San Francisco. I collected organic materials, which I used for my project but I also brought back several leaves, stones etc. for future use. I experimented with stitching on dried leaves, making a sculptural piece out of a discarded palm brach, stop motion video etc. During my residencies I do a lot of photography and make some short videos. I like working on several things simultaneously as it gives me freedom to work on something else when I am bored or not able to continue the work. My 1 month with VARDA has been very successful as I found more inspiration and am going to explore more stop motion videos and soft sculptures. Here are some pictures of what I was working on.